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The Best Office Furniture in the UAE: How Ofistim is Transforming Workspaces

Office Furniture in the UAE

Office Furniture in the UAE; With a growing number of international companies establishing regional headquarters and offices in the UAE, there has been a significant increase in demand for commercial office spaces and quality office furniture. The UAE office furniture industry has seen steady growth over the past decade, fueled by massive investments in commercial real estate projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates.

As per industry estimates, the UAE office furniture market was valued at over $200 million in 2018. This is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% from 2019 to 2024, driven by factors such as economic diversification initiatives, growth in sectors like financial services, IT, media, healthcare and education, as well as infrastructure development projects leading up to Expo 2020. With more multinational corporations opting for furnished office spaces, the scope for office furniture suppliers has expanded considerably.

## Types of Office Furniture

Office spaces require several essential kinds of furniture. These include:

### Desks

Desks come in a range of styles, sizes, and configurations to meet diverse needs. Options include traditional rectangular desks, sit-stand desks, corner workstations, desks with returns for extra workspace, and others.

### Chairs

Office chairs provide necessary ergonomic support for long hours spent sitting. Key factors are adjustability, lumbar support, seat comfort, and materials. Standard office chairs, kneeling chairs, stools, and specialty ergonomic chairs are available.

### Storage – Office Furniture in the UAE

Storing paperwork, supplies, and other items in an organized manner is essential in offices. Filing cabinets, bookshelves, cupboards, lockers, and modular storage units are commonly used for this purpose.

### Workstations

Workstations enable employees to have their own defined work area. Cubicles with partition walls are a typical workstation style. Other options include open benching workstations and private offices.

### Partitions

In open office layouts, partitions help divide space, provide privacy, and absorb noise. Partitions come as floor-to-ceiling walls or as partial dividers of various heights.

### Tables

Tables serve many purposes in offices, from small side tables to large conference tables and collaborative work tables. The right table facilitates meetings, shared work, and casual interactions.

### Accessories

Task lights, desk organizers, anti-fatigue mats, paper trays, and desktop risers for monitors are some useful accessories for outfitting office workspaces.

## Benefits of Investing in Quality Furniture

Investing in high-quality office furniture from reputable suppliers like Ofistim Furniture can provide numerous benefits for any organization and its employees. Here are some of the key advantages of choosing furniture designed for comfort, ergonomics and durability.

### Productivity

Comfortable and ergonomic office furniture has been scientifically proven to increase productivity in the workplace. Chairs and desks with adjustable features allow employees to work in optimal postures that reduce strain and fatigue. This helps workers maintain focus and motivation, enhancing their output and work efficiency. The right office furniture setup plays a significant role in facilitating productive work environments.

### Health

Ergonomically-designed furniture can greatly benefit employees’ health. Chairs with lumbar support and adjustable armrests prevent back problems by promoting proper spine alignment. Height-adjustable desks allow both sitting and standing positions, reducing musculoskeletal disorders. An ergonomic office setup minimizes aches and pains by enabling natural postures that don’t put undue stress on muscles and joints. This helps lower occurrences of chronic conditions while allowing staff to feel energized and comfortable as they work.

### Comfort

High-quality office furniture is engineered to provide exceptional comfort for extended periods of work. Cushioned chairs and breathable mesh material enable airflow and reduce heat buildup. Thick padded armrests prevent pinch points. Smooth height adjustments and tilt mechanisms optimize individual positions. Investing in comfortable furniture demonstrates that a company values the well-being of its employees. Comfortable workers tend to have higher satisfaction levels as well.

### Aesthetics

In addition to ergonomic and functional benefits, high-end commercial furniture also provides aesthetic appeal. Sophisticated, modern designs from leading manufacturers align with professional settings. Visually pleasing furniture made from rich materials like hardwoods or steel project a polished, upscale image for reception areas, lounges and private offices. The right office furniture aesthetics convey professionalism and skill.

## Key Factors When Choosing a Supplier

When selecting an office furniture supplier in the UAE, there are several key factors that organizations should consider to ensure they find the right partner. Some of the most important considerations include:

### Variety of Options

A quality supplier should offer a wide range of furniture styles, designs, colors and configurations to meet diverse needs. Ofistim Furniture stocks thousands of options from leading global brands, allowing you to create a truly customized office environment. Whether you need desks, chairs, storage solutions or collaborative furnishings, your supplier should have the inventory depth to outfit an entire facility.

### Customization Capabilities

In addition to ready-made furniture, many customers require customized pieces tailored to their exact specifications. Your supplier should have robust customization capabilities, including sizes, finishes, fabrics and more. Ofistim Furniture has an in-house team to modify standard products or produce completely original designs to match your vision.

### Warranties and Guarantees

Reputable suppliers will stand behind their products with strong warranties and guarantees against defects. Most standard warranties span 1-5 years, while lifetime warranties are also available on higher-end goods. Be sure to inquire about coverage terms before purchasing. Ofistim Furniture provides warranties on the products it supplies.

### Delivery and Installation

Look for suppliers that handle delivery and assembly so you don’t have to coordinate these details in-house. Your supplier should ensure timely, efficient delivery and use trained teams to handle installation. Ofistim Furniture offers turnkey delivery and setup services as part of its commitment to excellent service.

### Ongoing Maintenance

Beyond the initial purchase, suppliers can also assist with ongoing maintenance needs from repairs to reconfigurations and more. Some even offer maintenance contracts for regular upkeep services. Ofistim Furniture can provide ongoing furniture maintenance tailored to your requirements.

Choosing the right office furniture supplier in the UAE requires careful evaluation across these factors. Partnering with a reliable, high-capability supplier like Ofistim Furniture allows organizations to create productive, comfortable workspaces that reflect their brand and culture.

## Leading Office Furniture Brands

When selecting furniture for your office, you’ll want to consider some of the leading global brands that are known for their innovative designs, ergonomics, quality, and durability. Here are some of the top names in office furniture to look for:

**Steelcase** – Founded in 1912, Steelcase is the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steelcase is renowned for their research-driven designs aimed at boosting productivity and promoting employee wellbeing. They offer a diverse range of furniture for both traditional and collaborative workspaces.

**Herman Miller** – Known for iconic midcentury modern designs like the Aeron chair, Herman Miller produces high-end contemporary furniture. Based in Zeeland, Michigan, Herman Miller places great emphasis on original designs from leading industrial designers. Their furnishings feature clean lines, organic shapes, and an emphasis on adjustability.

**Haworth** – Founded in 1948, Haworth creates adaptable workspaces that can adjust as a company’s needs evolve. Their modular systems and moveable walls enable companies to easily reconfigure their layout. Haworth’s global headquarters is located in Holland, Michigan.

**Knoll** – Founded by German immigrant Hans Knoll in 1938, Knoll is renowned for forward-thinking designs from masters like Mies van der Rohe, Harry Bertoia, and Eero Saarinen. Their furnishings feature clean lines and promote healthy movement. Knoll’s headquarters is located in East Greenville, Pennsylvania.

**IKEA** – Known for their ready-to-assemble furniture at affordable prices, IKEA offers a wide selection of basic office pieces like desks, bookcases, filing cabinets, and office chairs. While not considered high-end, IKEA is suitable for furnishing an office on a budget.

When researching office furniture brands, be sure to look for companies known for their ergonomic, flexible, and innovative workspace solutions. The leading global brands are specialists in designing functional yet aesthetically pleasing workspaces tailored to a company’s unique needs and culture.

## Office Design Trends

When choosing office furniture, it’s important to consider current design trends that can maximize productivity, collaboration, and employee wellbeing. Here are some of the top trends to keep in mind:

### Collaboration Spaces

Open floor plans and communal areas are becoming more popular to encourage collaboration. Modular furniture allows for reconfiguring layouts as needed. Booth seating, couches, and armchairs provide casual spaces for impromptu meetings.

### Standing Desks

Studies show standing desks improve alertness and productivity while reducing health risks from sitting all day. Adjustable-height desks allow for switching between sitting and standing. Supplementary standing desk risers are another option.

### Ergonomics

Ergonomic furniture aims to maximize comfort and minimize strain. Chairs with adjustable armrests, seat depth, lumbar support, and tilt tension promote proper posture and circulation. Monitor arms, keyboard trays, and footrests also help achieve an ergonomic setup.

An office layout and furniture that supports employees both ergonomically and collaboratively leads to greater productivity, innovation, and job satisfaction. Ofistim Furniture stays up-to-date with the latest trends to help companies design ideal working environments.

## Sustainability Considerations

Sustainability should be a key priority when choosing office furniture in the modern age. With environmental concerns on the rise, many companies are opting for greener options to outfit their office spaces.

When evaluating furniture suppliers, be sure to ask about the materials used and their impact on the environment. Reclaimed and recycled materials are excellent choices, as they reduce waste and make use of existing resources. Eco-friendly textiles made from plant-based fibers or recycled plastics are also ideal. These types of fabrics are often more durable too.

It’s also important to select furniture that is built to last, rather than products that will wind up in a landfill after a few years of use. Durable, high-quality pieces made from sustainable materials can withstand decades of use if properly maintained. Modular and flexible furniture is great for adapting to changes down the road.

Aim for products that are free of harsh chemicals and finishes that could be toxic for indoor air quality. Organic and water-based stains, paints, and adhesives are safer options.

When the time comes, recycling programs allow furniture to be reused or broken down responsibly at the end of its lifecycle. Being mindful of sustainability ensures beautiful, healthy workspaces that also benefit the environment.

## Office Furniture Materials

When selecting office furniture, the materials used in construction should be an important consideration. The most common materials used for office furniture include wood, metal, glass, and laminates.

### Wood

Wood remains one of the most popular office furniture materials due to its natural beauty, warmth, and flexibility in design. Hardwoods like oak, maple, mahogany, and cherry are frequently used for their durability. Veneers can provide the look of premium solid wood at a lower cost. Wood furnishing must be expertly finished to prevent stains, scratches, and other damage in the busy office environment.

### Metal

Metal office furniture provides a sleek, modern aesthetic. Aluminum and steel are commonly used for desks, tables, filing cabinets, and shelving. Metal is valued for its strength, fire resistance, anti-corrosion properties, and tooling versatility. The industrial look of metal fits well in contemporary office designs. Powder coating and paints allow metal furniture to come in any color.

### Glass

Glass adds a lightweight, open feel to office spaces. Tempered and laminated glass can be used safely in desks, tables, and partitions. Pairing colored or frosted glass with metal creates a minimalist, sophisticated look. The transparent quality of glass furnishing helps maintain an open sight line. Glass requires diligent cleaning to keep surfaces smudge-free.

### Laminates

High-pressure laminates consist of resin-saturated paper sheets fused to a substrate like plywood or fiberboard. Laminates are a cost-effective option for office furniture including desks, cabinets, and shelving. With laminates, any pattern such as wood grain, marble, or solid color can be replicated for design flexibility. Laminates resist scratches, stains, moisture damage, and UV fading.

## Space Planning

An important consideration when outfitting your office is how the space will be utilized. The layout and design of the office can have a significant impact on productivity and collaboration. When planning your office space, here are some key factors to consider:

### Optimize Layout for Workflow

Your office layout should facilitate natural workflow between teams and departments. Think about foot traffic, meeting areas, and equipment usage. Group together departments that regularly collaborate. Have common areas central to those that use them most. Position desks and workstations for visibility and supervision, if needed.

### Support Focus Work – Office Furniture in the UAE

While open layouts can aid collaboration, also carve out private spaces for heads-down work. Provide a mix of open benching desks, shared tables, meeting rooms, quiet rooms, and private offices or cubicles. Allow employees to self-select the type of space that suits their current task.

### Incorporate Standing and Walking

Inactivity can negatively impact health and focus. Incorporate standing desks, treadmill desks, and open flow walkways into your office landscape. Provide a range of working postures through height adjustable desks, bar stools, lounge chairs, etc.

### Plan for Future Changes

Needs change over time. Use movable walls, modular furniture, and multifunctional rooms to adapt. Seek durable, reusable pieces over built-ins. Design into zones that could flex to other uses if needed.

### Enable Collaboration

Bring teams together through intentional seating arrangements, central hubs, common tables, writable walls, and comfortable group spaces. Collaboration fuels innovation, so provide the settings for spontaneous or scheduled interactions.

### Prioritize Natural Light

Daylight improves mood, focus, and health. Situate workspaces near windows when possible. Incorporate glass walls or skylights to allow light to filter further into the office interior. Adjust artificial lighting to complement natural light.

### Consider Acoustics

Noise can distract and disrupt. Use sound-dampening materials, white noise, partitions, and masking sounds to counteract excessive noise. Provide quiet spaces for private calls and focused work. Enable reserved quiet rooms for times when silence is needed.

### Promote Active Movement

Build opportunities for movement directly into the office landscape. Open stairs between floors, walking trails, standing or treadmill desks, central printers, and shared amenities dispersed throughout the space encourage mobility.

A well-designed office layout keeps employees energized, focused, and productive. Optimize workflows, spaces, and policies to bring out the best in your team.

## Conclusion

When choosing office furniture in the UAE, it’s important to select high-quality, durable pieces suited for your company’s needs and culture. Investing in ergonomic, sustainable furniture from a reputable supplier like Ofistim Furniture will maximize productivity and wellbeing for employees.

With expertise in sourcing cutting-edge designs from leading brands, Ofistim Furniture provides complete office outfitting services. Their team can handle space planning, delivery, and installation to actualize your office vision. They also offer customized pieces, so you can create the perfect workspace environment.

To learn more about how Ofistim Furniture can help optimize your office space, contact their team today. Their knowledgeable consultants will evaluate your requirements and style preferences to recommend furniture that supports your goals. Partnering with Ofistim Furniture will ensure you get beautiful, functional office furniture from sustainable sources, delivered on time and on budget.