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The concept of "sustainability", which was first developed by the "World Commission on Environment and Development" due to the increasing damage to the environment and ecology, plays an important role in the corporate strategies of many companies today. The concept of sustainability, which was introduced as a step towards protecting the natural and cultural heritage to be left to future generations with the idea of economic development and progress, has shaped the future of the business world to a great extent as well as creating individual change in society.

Integrated Management System

The basic principle of the sustainability approach adopted by OFİSTİM is based on the passion to realise its innovative products by considering human, environment and design elements. Within the framework of the "Integrated Management System Policy" it has put into practice, it has adopted the principle of using raw materials that will not risk the environment and human health, reducing waste and increasing the recycling rate. Since the day it started its operations in its 140.000 m2 facilities in Konya Organised Industrial Zone, it has been producing at world standards with its modernisation works in production technology, environmentally friendly infrastructure and sustainable environmental policies.

Interior Design

Continuous parallel task fully researched leadership skills through fully tested communities. Interactively simplify visionary internal or "organic" resources through standards-compliant synergy.