''Our commercial experience and honesty have been effective in our company becoming one of the leading and reliable companies in the sector in a short time.''

First of all, can we get to know you?

Tuncay Kaya I am the founder and General Manager of Ofistim Furniture Design Company.

Can you tell us about your business adventure?

I have had many years of experience in the field of office furniture, starting from sales and extending to management. I was dreaming of making use of these experiences by establishing my own company. One day, my childhood friend, my dear comrade Seyfullah Kara and I said "it's time" and we established Ofistim Furniture Design Company. As two partners, we built our company by considering the expectations of the sector. I think our commercial experience and honesty were effective in making our company one of the leading and reliable companies in the sector in a short time. We have signed many beautiful projects in a short time. In this process, our biggest supporters were our families and friends who trusted us.

How did you achieve success in the business world?

I grew up in a low-income family and spent my childhood with very limited opportunities. I think this is the main source of my success and determination in the business world... Let me tell you about my first experience of making money. Those who were in the 90s generation know. I was in the second grade of primary school when handheld tetris came to the market. My family could not afford to buy me a tetris. I cried for days, I wanted to have a tetris. I have an uncle who is five years older than me, he told me that there was a way to buy that tetris. He came the next morning, it was not yet light. We went to the bagel bakery with a round tray in our hands. And we bought bagels for about 20 TL with the money of that time. He said that I would sell these bagels and make 40 TL, then pay him the 20 TL he gave me, and the next day I would buy bagels with my own capital and sell the bagels again, and with the profit I made, I could buy the hand tetris. Because from that moment on, I never stopped working, I sold water in the markets, I did apprenticeship in furniture factories in Siteler. I have always worked throughout my school life. I have everything I have by struggling myself and I am very happy about it. From here, I would like to make a recommendation to families with children, regardless of their financial situation. Teach your children how to earn money and the value of money. It is very important for them to understand the value of money, the value of being able to have things with their own efforts in order to shape their lives...

The most basic principle adopted by Ofistim is honesty. We stand behind every work we do and we are proud of it.

What are your priorities when designing an office?

It is very important for us to evaluate the customer's demand correctly, to present the design suitable for the demand to the customer on time with maximum quality and reasonable price. An office bearing the signature of Ofistim should be able to reveal its difference with its quality that catches the eye at first glance. When we look back, we should be sure that we have done a good job, we should be comfortable knowing that we have done the right job. Each project we complete is a reference for new projects; we act carefully and meticulously in all processes for each of our projects. All these are directly reflected in customer satisfaction. The motto of our company has been "Let's Dream Together" from the very beginning. We love to dream together with our customers and realise this dream together.

What kind of products do you offer to your customers?

Ofistim Furniture Design is active in the fields of project, decoration, office furniture, hospital furniture, hotel furniture and school furniture. We produce and sell meeting tables, counters, cabinets, working groups, school groups, hotel groups, panels, VIP office chairs, sofas, coffee tables, beds, educational products, metal products, compact archive systems, computer desks.

What is the most important feature that distinguishes Ofistim from other companies in its sector?

The most basic principle adopted by Ofistim is honesty. We stand behind every work we do and we are proud of it. Our first priority is customer satisfaction, and keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront has always been very beneficial for us. The interior architects of Ofistim Furniture Design have a great role in the projects we have completed. Because we visualise the dreams of our customers with the best architects in Turkey and then we start to implement them. At this point, I would like to thank our teammates in our project department and our interior architects, the apple of our eye.

What are the aims and objectives of your company?

First of all, we want to maintain our domestic success. We must constantly renew ourselves, because we are in a very dynamic sector. For this reason, we have made solid preparations for 2019. Recently, we have been focusing on the goal of becoming an active player in the foreign market. We are working intensively in this direction.

How do you think the offices of the future will be? What kind of changes can be experienced?

I think functional furniture and ergonomic designs will come to the fore.

The most important rule in office projects is to create a productive working environment. What do you promise to your customers in this regard?

Of course. When our customers come to us with this request, which is quite natural, we offer them preliminary drawings showing how they can make the most efficient use of their existing working environment, that is, we offer the necessary alternatives for them to choose the model that they feel most comfortable with. In our working model, no result can be a surprise because the customer knows in advance what they will encounter with the preliminary drawings.

Finally, what would you like to say to the readers of Bom Magazine?

It is a pleasure to meet your valuable readers through these lines. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the work. We would be pleased to welcome our readers who would like to get to know and examine our products in our showroom in Cevizlidere.