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Cafe and Restaurant Furniture in the UAE – How to Choose the Best Supplier for Your Needs

Cafe and Restaurant Furniture in the UAE

Cafe and Restaurant Furniture in the UAE ; The café and restaurant industry in the UAE has seen rapid growth in recent years, fueled by a vibrant food culture and a boom in tourism. With its multicultural population and an influx of expats, the UAE has become a hotspot for dining out.

From local Emirati cuisine to international flavors from around the world, the UAE’s food scene caters to diverse tastes. The country is home to celebrity chef restaurants, casual dining chains, quirky theme cafés, and everything in between.

New cafés and restaurants are constantly popping up across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates to meet rising demand. Malls boast dozens of dining options, with some focusing on certain cuisines like Italian or Lebanese. Trendy, independent coffee shops have also taken off, providing quality brews and cozy atmospheres.

The thriving tourism industry further boosts the café and restaurant market. Dubai alone welcomed over 16 million visitors in 2019, many of whom dined out during their stay. From fine dining to budget-friendly casual, tourists have endless options to experience Emirati food and international cuisines.

As consumer tastes grow more discerning and the competition rises, cafés and restaurants in the UAE must focus on offering unique concepts, high-quality ingredients, and appealing décor to attract diners. This guide will explore key considerations for outfitting these establishments with stylish, functional furniture.

## Popular Furniture Styles

Minimalist, industrial, and Scandinavian styles are all popular choices for cafe and restaurant furniture in the UAE.

**Minimalist Style**

The minimalist style focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. Furniture is uncomplicated and unadorned. Colors are muted like white, black, gray, and natural wood tones. Materials include wood, metal, plastic, concrete, and glass. Minimalist cafe furniture creates a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. This unfussy style works well in small spaces.

**Industrial Style**

Industrial style cafe furniture features raw, utilitarian elements influenced by old factories and warehouses. Characteristics include exposed brick, ductwork, concrete floors, metal furniture and light fixtures. Industrial furniture has unfinished, distressed wood; galvanized metal; vintage items; and dark colors like black, brown, and gray. The industrial look brings an edgy, urban feel.

**Scandinavian Style**

Scandinavian style prioritizes simplicity, functionality, and natural materials. The look is light, airy, and relaxed. Colors are neutral yet warm like white, cream, light gray, light wood, and pastels. Materials include solid wood, woven textures, ceramics, and leather. Mid-century modern furniture and shapes are common. The Scandinavian aesthetic creates a calm, welcoming setting.

## Materials for Cafe and Restaurant Furniture

When choosing materials for cafe and restaurant furniture, owners must consider aesthetics, durability, maintenance, and costs. The most common materials used are woods, metals, and plastics.

#### Woods

Wood is a traditional and attractive choice for cafe and restaurant seating. Hardwoods like oak, maple, and teak are naturally sturdy and resistant to scratches and dents. Their grain provides visual interest. Woods can be finished, stained, or painted in many colors. They can be given distressing techniques for a vintage look. Wood tops should be sealed to resist moisture damage.

#### Metals

Metals like steel, aluminum, and wrought iron are modern, sleek choices for cafe and restaurant furniture. Metals are extremely durable, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. They come in a wide range of colors like black, silver, gold, and copper. Metal furniture can have cushions added for comfort. Metals are great for outdoor use since they resist weathering. However, they can show signs of wear over time or rust if not properly maintained.

#### Plastics

Plastics like polypropylene are affordable, lightweight options for indoor and outdoor furniture. They are available in many colors and resist moisture, scratches, and UV rays. Plastic furniture is easy to clean and sanitize. However, lower quality plastics may warp or crack over time with heavy use. Higher quality plastics offer excellent durability. Clear acrylic furniture provides a modern, minimalist look.

## Ergonomics – Seating For Comfort

One of the most important considerations when selecting restaurant furniture is ergonomics and comfort. The chairs and tables should allow staff and customers to sit comfortably for extended periods without strain or fatigue.

Ergonomic restaurant seating provides proper back support, reducing back pain and discomfort from long shifts. The shape of the backrest should contour to the natural curve of the spine, with lumbar support promoting good posture. Padding should be comfortable but firm enough to keep the back properly aligned.

Seat cushions should also provide adequate support and comfort, distributing weight evenly to avoid pressure points. High density foam cushions with durable upholstery fabrics are ideal for withstanding heavy daily use.

The height and depth of seats should accommodate various body sizes, with adjustable options to customize fit. Chairs and stools should have leg room and foot rests for taller individuals. Arm rests can minimize shoulder strain for certain seated positions as well.

Proper restaurant furniture ergonomics leads to improved posture, greater comfort and productivity for staff. It also enhances the dining experience for customers relaxing during their meals. Prioritizing ergonomic designs and features ensures a successful and comfortable environment.

## Durability

When choosing cafe and restaurant furniture, durability is a top consideration. The furniture must withstand heavy daily use, frequent cleaning, and inevitable spills. Customers will be pulling out chairs, scooting them in, leaning back, and more. Servers will bump tables and place heavy trays on them. In the kitchen, stools and prep tables will endure continual bumping, cutting, and splashing.

For public spaces that see high traffic, look for commercial-grade rather than residential furniture. Commercial furniture is built with durability in mind. Woods should be hardwoods that resist scratches and scuffs, like oak or maple. Upholstery and cushions need stain-resistant fabrics that are easy to wipe down.

Chairs, stools, and benches should have metal or solid wood frames for strength. Avoid particleboard, plastic, or hollow metal bases that can break over time. Look for thick, sturdy tabletops that won’t sag or scratch. Edges and corners should be rounded for safety.

High-quality furniture may cost more upfront but saves money in the long run by avoiding continual replacement of flimsy pieces. Invest in durability to keep your cafe or restaurant looking great for years of service. Ofistim Furniture offers customizable commercial furniture designed to endure heavy commercial use while remaining stylish and comfortable.

## Customization
Ofistim Furniture offers a range of customization options for cafe and restaurant owners to create unique spaces. With custom sizes, colors, branding elements, and more, you can design furniture that perfectly fits your needs and aesthetic vision.

### Custom Sizes
Our experienced team can produce made-to-order furniture in non-standard dimensions for unusually shaped spaces or to accommodate your layout requirements. We can customize the length, width, height, and proportions of tables, chairs, booths, benches, and more based on your exact specifications. Non-standard sizing allows you to maximize your floorplan possibilities.

### Custom Colors
Select from over 100 frame finish options and dozens of upholstery colors and patterns. Match your brand colors or complement your interior design with customized hues. From bright and bold primaries to muted earth tones, our range of powder coat colors and durable fabrics gives you options to express your style.

### Branding Elements
Integrate your brand identity into the furniture design with custom engraving, screen printing, etching, embossing, and inlays. Add your logo, name, or graphics to tabletops, chair backs, and more. Branded elements make a statement and create recognition, allowing your furnishings to marketing your business.

With Ofistim Furniture’s customization services, you can get creative and produce distinctive cafe or restaurant furniture tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Contact us today to bring your vision to life!

## Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your cafe and restaurant furniture is crucial for maintaining quality, comfort, and appearance. Keeping furniture properly cleaned and repaired helps maximize its lifespan and provides a better experience for customers.

### Cleaning

Regular cleaning helps keep furniture looking its best. Wipe down tables, chair seats, and other surfaces frequently to remove food, dirt, grease, and spills. Use cleaners specifically designed for the furniture materials—wood, metal, laminate, etc. Check for manufacturer cleaning recommendations. Scrub stubborn stains gently. Wipe chairs dry to avoid moisture damage.

Vacuum or dust upholstered furniture weekly to remove accumulated dirt and debris trapped in fabric. Use the wand attachment around seams and crevices. Avoid harsh chemicals that could discolor or degrade the fabric. Steam clean periodically to sanitize and revitalize cushions and fabrics.

### Repair

Inspect furniture routinely for damage or wear and tear. Fix issues promptly to prevent further deterioration. Tighten loose screws and hardware. Use wood glue for minor splits in wood. Patch gouges or nicks with wood filler then sand and recoat the finish. Reinforce wobbly chair legs or table bases. Replace broken chair parts like leg caps or casters. Reupholster or replace worn or ripped seat cushions or backs.

### Replacement

Eventually furniture components will wear out beyond repair. It’s smart financially to replace individual parts that fail rather than the entire piece. Keep replacement parts on hand like chair glides, table legs, and upholstery fabric. As styles evolve, old furnishings may look dated—refresh just a few key items to give the interior a fresh new look without a major investment. When pieces reach the end of their usable life, recycle unusable components and purchase new furniture for improved comfort, functionality, and ambiance.

## Costs

When selecting cafe and restaurant furniture in the UAE, costs are an important consideration for any business owner. Setting the right budget and maximizing return on investment should be top priorities.

The costs of furniture will vary greatly depending on the materials, quality, customization, and supplier you choose. While inexpensive options are available, cutting corners could lead to replacing items more frequently. Investing in durable, high-quality furniture often saves money in the long run.

It’s wise to get quotes from multiple suppliers before making decisions. Be sure to consider:

– **Initial purchase costs** – While sticking to a budget is crucial, make sure to factor in costs beyond just the furniture price, such as taxes, shipping, installation, etc.

– **Cost per use** – Calculate how often customers will use an item daily and its expected lifetime. Divide cost by estimated uses to compare value.

– **Customization costs** – Unique designs add expense but may attract more customers. Weigh custom features vs pre-made items.

– **Maintenance** – Some materials like wood require regular upkeep and resealing. Estimate ongoing maintenance fees.

– **Replacement timeline** – Lower-quality furniture wears out faster. Factor in replacement costs over 3-5 years. Higher-end pieces may last 10+ years.

It’s advisable to spend more upfront for durable, comfortable, and stylish pieces that withstand high traffic and boost your brand image. This ultimately provides better return on investment in the long run and avoids frequent replacement costs down the line.

Ofistim Furniture has experts that can assess your budget, usage, and lifestyle needs to recommend cost-effective collections tailored to your cafe or restaurant. Invest wisely and achieve an optimal balance of quality and affordability.

## Top Suppliers in UAE

The UAE has seen a boom in cafe and restaurant openings in recent years. As such, the demand for high-quality yet affordable furniture has also increased. When sourcing furniture, cafe and restaurant owners want to work with dependable local suppliers who understand the market and can deliver orders quickly. Here are some of the top cafe and restaurant furniture suppliers in the UAE to consider:

### Emirates Furniture Factory

Founded in 1995, Emirates Furniture Factory has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial furniture in the UAE. Their factory in Sharjah produces dining sets, tables, chairs, booths, bar stools, and other furnishings. They use quality materials like wood, steel, and aluminum in contemporary and classic designs. Their products are known for durability and affordability.

### Office Furniture Solutions

Operating since 2001, Office Furniture Solutions provides modern Italian-designed furniture for UAE hospitality businesses. Their catalog includes tables, chairs, sofas, benches, and stools specially made for cafes and restaurants. Business owners can choose from ready-made collections or customize designs. They also offer installation services.

### Danube Home

Danube Home is a one-stop furniture shop with many retail showrooms across the UAE. Their massive inventory has stylish and functional cafe and restaurant furniture to suit all budgets and tastes. Shop by material such as wood, metal, plastic, or rattan. They also have outdoor and patio furniture collections. Danube Home provides free delivery on orders over AED 500.

### Just 4 Business

Just 4 Business caters to hospitality and corporate clients looking for contemporary commercial furniture. Their wide selection includes cafe tables, restaurant chairs, bar counters, lounge booths, and more. Materials range from oak to glass to synthetic rattan. Customers can select ready-made pieces or request customized orders. Just 4 Business handles manufacturing and delivery for projects of all sizes.

## Conclusion

Ofistim Furniture offers competitive options for cafe and restaurant furniture in the UAE. When selecting furniture suppliers, it’s important to consider popular styles, materials, ergonomics, durability, customization, maintenance, and costs.

The most popular styles in the UAE cafe and restaurant market include industrial, vintage, modern, and fusion. Popular materials include metal, wood, plastic, and upholstered fabrics. Ergonomics are key for both customer and employee comfort over long periods. Durability and easy maintenance are also critical for withstanding high traffic and continuous use. Customization allows matching furniture to your establishment’s aesthetic.

Leading suppliers like Ofistim Furniture provide high-quality furniture designed for commercial use at reasonable prices. They have in-house designers to customize pieces and accommodate special requests. Their furniture is crafted to last using solid, attractive materials. Ofistim offers flexible ordering in any quantity and provides delivery, installation, maintenance, and warranty services.

In summary, carefully evaluate your cafe or restaurant’s style, space, needs, and budget when selecting furniture. Trust an established local supplier like Ofistim Furniture to provide tailored, durable pieces that suit your business. Their expertise and customer service ensure a smooth furniture buying experience.