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Dormitory Furniture

Dormitory Furniture; All of the products that are used to meet the social and cultural basic needs for many vital activities such as sitting; resting; working; eating and storing their belongings in a comfortable and safe way are called furniture. Furniture term; It appeals to a very large area and a whole of furniture. Although furniture is mostly made of wood materials; it is also seen that some furniture is made of iron or other materials. Furniture is items of use aimed at meeting the basic needs of people.

 Regarding what people expect from furniture; it is possible to use basic expressions such as ease of use; comfort; functionality; durability; health and aesthetics. Furniture is subject to different classifications according to their usage areas and the structure of the users. Furniture; It can be produced in different models and functions according to the areas where they are used.

Hotel Furniture & School Furniture & Dormitory Furniture & Hospital Furniture

Accordingly; it is possible to name the furniture as hotel furniture; school furniture; dormitory furniture or hospital furniture. However; the furniture; It is possible to classify them as indoor furniture and outdoor furniture according to the area of use. Furniture according to the type of construction materials used in its production; It is also classified as metal furniture; wooden furniture; plastic furniture; marble (stone) furniture; composite furniture and glass furniture.     Another classification type is made depending on the way of deployment in the ground plane. Furniture; It is divided into fixed furniture and mobile furniture.

The property of the area where the furniture will be used is of great importance in furniture selection. Since dormitory furniture is an area where many individuals are accommodated and where it is crowded and collectively used; durability; functionality and usefulness are the first elements to be considered in furniture selection. The main furniture used in the dormitories is bunk beds.

Bunk beds are widely preferred as they generally take up as much space as a single bed. It offers a sleeping and resting environment for at least two people in the same area. Therefore; bunk beds constitute an indispensable part of dormitory furniture. When choosing bunk beds for dormitory furniture; the first thing to consider is the size of the area where the bunk bed will be placed. Accordingly; it may be possible to place the bunk bed in the room in question and to include other types of furniture.