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     Bunk beds have been used in many sectors from past to present. Bunk bed systems are used in different sectors as bunk bed models; military bunk bed models; dormitory bunk bed models or construction site bunk bed models according to the sector in which they are used. It is also seen that bunk bed systems are called bunk beds with slides; wooden bunk beds or iron bunk beds according to the quality and functionality of the materials they are produced. It is known that bunk bed models and prices for narrow rooms are very popular items in rooms with a high population and small area in square meters. Even today bunk beds; it is also seen that it is used in some guest bedrooms or in various dormitory rooms due to the cheap bunk prices. When the bunk bed is chosen correctly and suitable for the space; it is a very stylish; comfortable and fun item. In addition; bunk beds are in a very important position because they are located in an area where children sharing the same room learn to live and share together.

Bunk Beds

Recently; the decoration; function and designs of the bunk beds have also developed; bunk beds combined with cabinets; bunk beds with slides; supported by stylish stairs and bringing many more functionality; bunk beds still maintain their popular style in the eyes of many design companies. Although people usually search for the cheapest bunk beds when they do market research; there are many issues to consider when choosing a bunk bed. The width and shape of the room is very important when choosing a bunk bed. In general; there is a perception that a bunk bed can be placed in narrow rooms; as it only covers the area of a single bed.

However; a bunk bed is furniture that has a serious volume even though it takes up a small area as a surface. Therefore; in terms of the area where the bunk bed will be placed; it is beneficial to place it in a room where the children can easily walk around the bunk bed; spend time; get up and get off comfortably. Another important issue regarding the bunk bed is the stairs. Bunk ladders; which are not designed correctly; can cause various accidents as well as complicating the work of children. In this respect; it is beneficial to choose a bunk bed with a functional ladder that can be easily climbed up and down.

We embarked on my office journey in 2005 …

The foundations of Ofistim Furniture were laid in Ankara in 2005 with Seyfullah Kara and Tuncay Kaya. A self-sacrificing work was carried out to achieve dreams and goals.
Not only does it operate in our country, it also achieves success with its expert sales and architect staff around the world. The difference of Ofistim Furniture Design continues to be an inspiration to the whole world with its own line in the sector that has become a big market and is globalizing day by day. Thus, it sets an example for our country with innovative steps worldwide.

Let’s make your dream come true …

Ofistim Furniture appeals to a wide audience, including government agencies. Among our works; Our wide range of designs such as decoration, hotel furniture, office furniture, hospital furniture and school furniture.

Ofistim Furniture, which produces working cabinets, meeting tables, cabinets, balconies, panels, hotel groups, coffee tables, beds, VIP office chairs, sofas, computer tables, education products, metal products, compact archive systems,
It carries out the sale of a large number of high quality and aesthetic products sector in Turkey. Although it holds a guarantee certificate for each product, it never compromises on quality. Our products with quality certificate
with our R&D center in order to take the world-class tests to the next level.
we are passing.