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Working Chairs

Working Chairs

          Working Chairs; it is one of the indispensable equipment that draws attention with its comfort and appearance in executive rooms. In addition to the comfort it provides while working, it also draws attention with its stylish appearance. The most ideal seat chosen for executive rooms in offices helps prevent ridge and neck pain.

       These chairs are specially designed for people working at the desk. Working is now easier thanks to the comfort of these working chairs with a very wide range of motion. Thanks to the usefulness of its wheels, it provides the opportunity to turn easily and silently in four directions. These seats, which can be carried by dragging, also offer ease of use with their lightness. You do not compromise your comfort while using the working chairs that have a structure that supports the body, whether you are working or resting.

      With different models and color options, you get a stylish look in the office environment. Working chairs are produced in different coatings, including fabric and leather. In addition, it provides a more comfortable posture with its mesh backrest section. It can be customized thanks to the special settings of the seats. While fabric-covered executive chairs give a silky touch feeling, you can integrate the design of your executive room with leather-covered executive chairs.

Working Chairs & Office Chairs

     Generally, office chair models are preferred by people in important positions. We have prepared simple and stylish designs that adapt to the working environment for you. It is preferred not only for offices and workplaces, but also for principals in school administrations. In addition to their elegance, it also brings many advantages. In models with movable back part, taking shape according to body weight makes you feel comfortable. With the quality of the fabric used in the production phase, a texture resistant to slipping appears. Its surfaces can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. They protect the 360-degree rotating wheels against tipping by covering a large area.

    We have presented our working chair models that offer comfortable use as well as an elegant appearance to our valued customers with the difference of OFISTIM. Choose the model that belongs to your own style to make life better quality…