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Work Desk; A desk is one of the most preferred pieces of furniture. It is important that desks that can be used for almost all types of work are produced in accordance with the scope. For example, the features of a desk used for drawing and a desk where computer work is carried out should be different. Therefore, choosing the most suitable design for the structure and purpose of the work is noteworthy in terms of efficiency.
Work desks are among the furniture needed at home, in the office, in the library and in many different working environments. Long-term quality use can be achieved by making the right choice among products with different textures, colors and functional features.

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Desk?

Even though they look similar to each other, it is possible to encounter desk models with quite different equipment and features. The following factors can be considered to easily make the right choice among various products:
– The characteristics of the area where the desk will be located: First of all, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the area in order to clarify what size desk should be purchased. After this determination, it is necessary to clarify the most appropriate size for the purpose of the work used. Is the size of the desk sufficient to accommodate only one computer, or is it also necessary to accommodate other documents and office supplies?
– Ergonomic features: Ergonomic features are even more important in desk jobs that require long hours of work. One of the points to be considered is to pay attention to the choice of chair as well as the choice of table that supports the health of the spine and back. The table and chair must be proportionally high and manufactured in a way that ensures sitting upright. If only a desk is needed, the height and ergonomics of the chair at home should be examined.
– The raw material used for the table can facilitate the work. Generally, the preference of wood texture and natural colors provides an advantage when focusing on a task at the desk. However, glass desks, which are gaining popularity, are supportive in terms of a modern and spacious look. Metal desks are often preferred as a complement to the general decoration in offices. Today, it is common to see furniture that combines two different materials to provide a stylish and aesthetic look. For example; designs combining wood and metal are among the most commonly used desk options.
In addition, the color factor is a determining factor for work desks as well as all items used in living spaces. In the rest of our article, we will be providing information about what features different colors have on human psychology.
The Importance of Colors in Desk and Furniture Preference
It is a known fact that colors have effects on human psychology. The use of color in workspaces is a determining factor in terms of performance. Since the use of colors affects productivity, focus and imagination, they are among the features that are paid attention in the office environment. Below, information is given about what effect the colors frequently used in decoration can have in the office environment:
– White: Known for its positive effects on work performance, white can be distracting when used alone. Therefore, soothing colors that accompany white should be used in the office environment.
– Turquoise: Turquoise, also known as ‘Turkish blue’, has an important feature for the office environment that is not widely known. It is a relaxing color due to its blue and green tones. As it is one of the most basic tones of nature, it triggers the imagination and can easily be used in a creative office environment.
– Orange: Orange, also known as the color of energy, is among the colors that can be used in an active and intense work tempo. However, it is useful to combine vibrant colors such as red and orange with calming, natural tones.
In addition, it is possible to achieve a comfortable working space by using the colors of nature such as blue, green and wood tones. Ofistim, the address of quality in desk selection, is with you with alternative color options!