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The Business World of the Future and Covid 19

Geleceğin İş Dünyası ve Covid 19

The Business World of the Future Covid 19 has turned people’s working lives and jobs upside down. However, Twitter and Facebook announced that they are giving their employees the opportunity to work permanently at home. But, since not all companies have the power to do this, they take different virus precautions in their workplaces.

Here are some precautions that workplaces can take;

1- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Facebook is experimenting with futuristic desk setups where virtual screens float in the air and people can resize them. Andrew Bosworth, head of virtual reality and augmented reality, revealed footage of the mixed reality workspace on Twitter. He stated that the social network wanted to strengthen remote work.

2- Social Distance Office

Somehow, office life needs to continue. The challenge is how businesses can keep up with this new order. Among the rumors that the current pandemic will completely change office furniture … For this reason, we see that the pandemic has changed the whole office layout and furniture.

3- Simple Solutions | The Business World of the Future

How to keep the tables clean? More advanced solutions can be produced to prevent the virus. For example; Some companies ask employees in their office to buy a paper for their desks. At the end of the day, the paper is discarded, which can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces.

4- Contactless Technology | The Business World of the Future

In addition, companies need to invest in contactless technologies to reduce disease transmission. As a new perspective for the future, we see that modern offices have switched to a completely contactless system. The motion sensors of the office doors are opened automatically with facial recognition, elevators can be controlled from a smart phone and even a coffee order can be placed.

Future Business World Technology can be used to remind employees of social distance. Some large firms have placed signs in their office to track employee movements via cell phones and send out alerts when potentially violated.

5- Regeneration | The Business World of the Future

Considering the seriousness of the situation, we see that some companies have taken great measures and even entered a rebuilding business by making radical decisions. Covid-19 has brought us a wider area and a socially distant life. For this reason, company owners try to grow their companies or build additional buildings in order to provide larger areas for their employees.

6- Fresh Air

Given that good ventilation is the key to preventing the spread of Covid-19, a big trend may be to open a simple window. So, if windows can be opened, are many offices under control?

7- Working Together

In the Business World of the Future, we see that the offices of the newly established companies are designed according to the Covid-19 virus. The reason for this is that the virus has been detected to be reproduced in common work areas.