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Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture; Your hotel furniture will help guests decide when choosing a hotel to stay in. As Hotel Furniture is an essential part of any hotel, it can make or break your hotel’s reputation and revenue generation opportunity. In fact, the success of a hotel business is closely related to the configuration of hotel furniture. Hotel furniture design, along with interior design, should carefully consider the magic of interior functionality and environmental harmony. Second, different hotel star standard, style and quality requirements are also different. Hotel furniture is mainly composed of hotel guest room furniture, general area loose furniture, corridor furniture, restaurant furniture, conference room furniture. Quality hotel furniture, which is one of the carriers of the hotel design style, is the main element that reflects the different cultural atmosphere and offers different functional services. Professional high-end custom hospitality furniture focuses on capturing a unique hotel cultural atmosphere for customers. It reflects the care given to people by the most gracious people, and the hotel furniture integrates and complements the hotel interior. The customization and design of high-end accommodation furniture plays an important role in the development of a hotel. The ingenious five-star hotel furniture design can always meet the modern entertainment needs of customers. Hotel furniture design is not a style, but an attitude towards life, a concept that pays more and more attention to one’s inner feelings and hopes that the space in which they live is as comfortable and pleasant as the natural environment.

In hotel furniture, the element of quality in furniture should give guests a sense of trust from the moment they enter the hotel. Quality stands out as the most important criterion in this sense, since all other emotions, perceptions or expectations are built on the feeling of trust, in sectors such as hotel management, where the human and service element is at the forefront. At this point, hotel furniture that instills a sense of trust and meets expectations is preferred. The fact that hotel furniture, which is an important feature of the hotel as a showcase, has a unique style or identity, is of great importance in the perception of the hotel in general.

Stylish Comfort

Hotel Furniture – 1

Thanks to Ofistim hotel furniture, the concept of the hotel can also be directed. Hotels with different designs are in a race in terms of comfort and hygiene. In this secret race entered to provide the best service, decoration can sometimes be an effective criterion for winning the race. Especially in small boutique hotels, the correct use of colors is as important as choosing the right furniture. Hotel furniture models in such small hotels draw attention with their simple designs and heartwarming tones. The selected hotel furniture should appeal to the boutique hotel spirit. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away from heavy furniture called Avangarde while decorating. While it can create a Retro style option that may be suitable for the concept, simple designed furniture is the other option. Light wood can be preferred for furniture. In this way, you will be able to leave a very nice impression on your guest with the help of the health and nature of the wood and the heartwarming decorations. You can catch a warm home environment, especially thanks to the wood used for the bed. Both the body and the soul of your guests will rest and they will make a note in their agenda to come again.


Hotel Furniture and Security

Apart from elegance and comfort in hotel decorations, another important issue is safety. It is important that the items used in hotels, which are the transit point of people with many different cultures, are made of materials that will not threaten security. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fabrics used in order to ensure that the furniture is fixed to the ground, not with hard corners to damage, and not to cause a fire. It should be good not only in its design, but also in the locking system and sound insulation.

What to Consider When Choosing Hotel Furniture?

When choosing hotel furniture for your hotel, create an idea by considering the m2 size of the area. When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to the quality of the furniture. The most expensive is not always the best quality, but price should be an indicator of quality. In addition to the quality sought in different hotel furniture models, which are renewed every year, the convenience of the furniture and its practicality. Due to today’s stressful business life, monotonous and difficult living conditions, some of us cannot find the opportunity to take a vacation even once a year. When we find it, we want to get rid of all the stress of this holiday and get rid of our troubles a little bit. Therefore, while it is an undeniable fact that customers who want to stay in hotels prefer the most comfortable establishments, the way to achieve this for businesses is through the furniture you prefer for the hotel. That’s why business owners need to choose the right furniture option for their hotels. It is a necessity that the furniture to be produced for the hotel differs from the furniture we use in our daily lives. Because the process of choosing luxurious, comfortable and comfortable furniture that will attract the attention of the visitors and reflect the corporate identity of the hotels with its aesthetic appearance should be given importance. It is also very important that the guests staying at the hotel feel at home. For this reason, the people who will stay in the hotel should have cabinets that are wide enough to lift their belongings without any problems. The hotel furniture preferred for hotels should be luxurious and high quality, as well as produced by the right manufacturers. Wherever the hotel furniture used in hotels is used, it is important that they have an aesthetic appearance and be of high quality.

A Few Ideas for Hotel Furniture

Your furniture may vary according to the guests you will host in your hotel. If your hotel is a five-star concept, it would be the right choice to have hotel furniture projects done. Of course, if you are having a hotel furniture project, you will need to find hotel furniture manufacturers who are skilled enough to do them.

Hotel Lobby Furniture


Hotel Furniture – 2


Today, designs are being developed for hotel furniture in the furniture industry that will bring prestige to the styles of businesses and reflect their corporate identities in the best way. Hotel lobby furniture is designed as furniture with an aesthetic structure, with its comfortable and luxurious appearance, in the entrance areas of hotels, where visitors can rest and relax. Comfortable lobby furniture should be preferred in hotel lobbies for visitors to socialize and have a comfortable time. After selecting the materials desired by the corporate hotel companies, the desired quality and size are manufactured and assembled from the production area in one go. With the right product, the right service, the spaces where your visitors will be entertained in the best way are designed.

Luxury Furniture


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In terms of reflecting their own identities, the interior and exterior furnishings of the hotels designed for 5 star and above in larger hotels also carry institutional values. This type of hotel also includes factors such as sauna, spa and bathtub. The bedrooms and bathroom sets of such hotels can be integrated with the selected furniture. The dimensions of the rooms to be assembled vary according to their square meters. Furniture, which will be preferred for large rooms, can be transformed into a king suite with the avant-garde preference. This design, realized with these luxurious furniture, brings a new perspective to the aesthetic perception of the visitors.

At this stage, the size of the mattress produced in the desired dimensions may vary according to the requested shape. Large bed designs are furniture produced with comfort in mind. The same ergonomic designs can be applied to the sofas as well as the selection of beds. Bed and seat selections are produced and assembled in one go according to the desired material selection in accordance with the demands of the customers in the desired dimensions. Turning the indoor environment into a home environment with the small details added in the room is again a design-related element.