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Top Tips for Finding Reliable Hospital Furniture Suppliers

Hospital Furniture Suppliers

Hospital Furniture Suppliers; Providing quality healthcare starts with the facilities and equipment that enable medical professionals to properly care for patients. Hospitals and clinics require specialized furniture and fixtures tailored to their unique needs and designed to optimize comfort, safety and efficiency. From patient beds to waiting room chairs, medical-grade furniture offers essential support for healthcare delivery. Selecting the right furniture supplier is key to equipping any medical facility.

An experienced hospital furniture provider understands how to balance infection control, durability and cost effectiveness when outfitting healthcare environments. They can recommend and supply furniture to meet healthcare standards while working within tight budgets. Whether building a new hospital or renovating an existing space, partnering with reputable hospital furniture suppliers ensures you get the specialized products to serve staff and patients now while anticipating future needs. This article will explore the core types of hospital furniture and what to look for in suppliers to meet your medical facility’s requirements.

## Types of Hospital Furniture

When outfitting a hospital or medical facility, there are several key types of furniture to consider:

### Patient Beds

Patient beds allow patients to rest comfortably and for caregivers to easily access the patient. Options include manual beds, electric beds, bariatric beds, pediatric beds, birthing beds, and ICU beds. Beds can include features like adjustable height, articulating head and foot sections, and side rails.

### Exam Tables

Exam tables provide an elevated surface for patient examinations and procedures. Table types include general exam tables, specialty tables for OB/GYN, urology, imaging, physical therapy, and more. Features can include adjustable height, removable/adjustable stirrups, drawers, and adjustable back rests.

### Chairs

Patient chairs, visitor chairs, and staff seating are needed throughout hospitals and clinics. Options include recliners for patient rooms, task seating for staff workstations, guest chairs for lobbies and waiting rooms, and specialty chairs for procedures. Key considerations are comfort, adjustability, infection control, and durability.

### Cabinets & Carts

For storage and mobility, hospitals utilize cabinets like narcotics cabinets, refrigerators, instrument cabinets, and lockers. Carts include crash carts, medication carts, isolation carts, linen carts, and computer carts. Key factors are locking/security, cord management, and adjustability.

## Key Considerations When Selecting Hospital Furniture

When choosing furniture for a healthcare facility, there are several important factors to consider:

### Infection Control

– Healthcare furniture needs to support excellent hygiene and infection prevention. Surfaces should be non-porous and easy to disinfect. Upholstery, cushions, and padding should be fluid-resistant.

– Look for antimicrobial finishes and materials. Copper and silver ions have natural antimicrobial properties.

– Joints and seams should be tightly sealed to prevent dust and fluid buildup. Rounded edges make cleaning easier.

### Adjustability

– Hospital beds, exam tables, and chairs should adjust to accommodate patients of different heights and abilities.

– Electric models allow care providers to position patients appropriately. Manual adjustments are cheaper but less convenient.

– Mobility aids like IV poles need adjustment ranges to suit different medical needs.

### Durability

– Healthcare furniture undergoes very heavy usage. It needs to be durable enough to withstandfrequent cleaning, moving, and patient weight.

– Metal frames hold up better than plastic. Double-stitching on upholstery makes it more rugged.

– Weight limits, warranties, and replacement part availability indicate durability.

### Cost

– Healthcare budgets are under pressure, so furniture needs to balance quality with affordability.

– Consider modular systems that allow customization. These make it easier to acquire funding approval.

– Weigh cost vs long-term value when comparing budget vs premium materials and construction.

The right hospital furniture optimizes infection control, adjustability, durability, and cost. Prioritizing these key factors ensures smart healthcare investments.

## Our Company – OFİSTİM Mobilya

When it comes to providing high quality hospital furniture, look no further than OFİSTİM Mobilya. With over 15 years of experience supplying furniture to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities across Turkey, we have built an unmatched reputation for our capabilities and commitment to customer service.

Our experienced team works closely with healthcare administrators, architects, and interior designers to create customized furniture solutions tailored to your unique needs and specifications. We manufacture an extensive range of products including patient beds, exam tables, seating, storage, cabinets, desks, and more. Our in-house engineering and design experts utilize the latest 3D modeling software to bring your vision to life.

At OFİSTİM Mobilya, we pride ourselves on being a reliable, responsive partner who consistently delivers on time and on budget. Our manufacturing facility adheres to the highest quality control standards and uses state-of-the-art fabrication technology to produce sturdy, ergonomic, and attractive furnishings built to withstand the demands of healthcare environments.

When you choose OFİSTİM Mobilya, you can trust that we have the experience, capabilities, and commitment to service that you can count on. Our ultimate goal is your 100% satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create the ideal furniture solutions for your healthcare facility.

## Patient Bed Options

Hospitals require a wide variety of beds for different needs. When selecting patient beds, key factors to consider include adjustability, ease of use, infection control, and accommodating patients of all sizes and conditions. Our company, OFİSTİM Mobilya, provides top-quality patient bed options to meet all of your needs.

### Electric Beds

Electric beds allow easy adjustability with the touch of a button. Caregivers can easily raise and lower both the head and foot sections to a comfortable position for each patient. Side rails provide safety and support getting in and out of bed. Electric beds often feature adjustable height for accessible transfers and CPR quick-release functions for emergencies.

### Manual Beds

While not as readily adjustable, manual beds provide a cost-effective solution. Crank handles allow head and foot sections to be manually adjusted. Side rails and adjustable heights are also available on manual models. Manual beds work well for stable patients that do not require as much repositioning.

### Bariatric Beds

Bariatric beds provide safe support for obese patients. With high weight capacities of up to 1000 lbs, these beds prevent injuries for staff and patients. Expanded surface areas comfortably accommodate larger body sizes. Bariatric beds also include heavy-duty electric motors, reinforced frames, and robust support.

### Critical Care & ICU Beds

ICU and critical care beds allow for close monitoring and accessibility. Features like fold-down side rails give staff unobstructed access. Advanced pressure redistribution surfaces prevent pressure injuries. Some critical care beds even allow patients to be rotated from side to side. Monitoring equipment and IV poles can be integrated for intensive care needs.

As a leading provider of hospital furniture, OFİSTİM Mobilya offers all types of patient beds to suit your specific needs. Our experts can help you select the right options for safety, comfort and functionality. Get in touch today to learn more!

## Exam Tables

Exam tables are a crucial piece of furniture in any medical facility. There are several key types of exam tables that hospital furniture suppliers like OFİSTİM Mobilya can provide:

– **Power Exam Tables:** These feature an electric lift system to raise and lower the table height for easy patient access and exit. Power controls allow healthcare staff to position the table at the optimal height for examinations or procedures. These are an excellent option for accessibility.

– **Stationary Exam Tables:** Stationary tables have a fixed height and do not adjust. They provide a stable and cost-effective choice when height adjustments are not required. These simple exam tables work well for routine checkups and assessments.

– **Specialty Exam Tables:** Specialty tables are designed for specific types of exams or medical specialties. They include obstetric-gynecologic exam tables for women’s health, orthopedic and fracture tables for bone and joint exams, urology and prostate exam tables for men’s health, and others. Specialty tables feature shapes and accessories to enable proper positioning and access.

As an experienced hospital furniture supplier, OFİSTİM Mobilya provides a wide selection of general and specialty exam tables to meet your medical facility’s unique needs and budget. Our team works closely with healthcare centers to determine the right exam table types, features, and configurations to foster effective patient care and clinical efficiency.

## Seating

Hospitals require a wide variety of seating options to accommodate patients, visitors, and staff. When selecting seating, it’s important to consider ergonomics, adjustability, mobility, cleaning/infection control, and aesthetics. Popular seating choices include:

**Guest Chairs** – Designed for visitors in patient rooms and waiting areas. Options include:

– Stackable plastic chairs – Inexpensive, easy to clean, lightweight. Not very comfortable for long waits.
– Upholstered chairs – More stylish and comfortable but harder to clean. Some have removable/cleanable fabric covers.
– Wood frame chairs – Classic look. Availability in different fabrics and stain options. Durable build.

**Stools** – Used by doctors, lab techs and in pharmacies. Key features:

– Adjustable height
– Circular base with 5 wheels for mobility
– Foot ring for comfort
– Back support on some models

**Task Chairs** – Used by staff at workstations. Adjustability is important:

– Seat height
– Backrest tilt
– Armrest positioning
– Lumbar support

Of course chairs should also be sturdy, attractive, and fit with the overall aesthetic. We offer a wide selection of seating options to equip any hospital space.

## Storage

Hospitals utilize a wide variety of storage options to keep supplies organized and easily accessible. Key storage solutions for hospitals include:

### Cabinets
Storage cabinets and wardrobes allow supplies to be secured and organized. Metal cabinets are commonly used for the storage of linens, medical supplies, janitorial supplies, and more. Different sizes and configurations, including cabinets with drawers or shelves, provide optimal storage depending on the items being stored.

### Carts
Carts provide mobile storage and transport of supplies around the hospital. Types of carts include emergency crash carts equipped with medical supplies, medication carts for medication storage and dispensing, linen carts, supply carts, and more. Their mobility allows supplies to be readily transported between storage locations and points of care.

### Shelving
Shelving units help maximize storage space. Wire shelving is commonly used due to its durability and allows for easy cleaning and ventilation. Shelves can be used throughout the hospital from patient rooms to supply rooms. Proper shelving helps keep all hospital items and equipment organized and readily accessible.

## Additional Furniture

Hospital furniture encompasses more than just patient beds and exam tables. Reception desks, physician workstations, tables, and more are essential for managing daily operations. Reception desks should be welcoming yet secure, allowing staff to check patients in and direct them where to go. Workstations for physicians, nurses and other providers must be ergonomic and comfortable for long hours. Tables in waiting rooms, breakrooms and other areas create spaces for meals, meetings and more.

Our furniture packages can outfit these additional spaces with high quality pieces made for healthcare environments. Reception desks can be ordered with or without glass shields, customized storage, built-in sanitizing stations and other options. We provide adjustable sit/stand desks to prevent fatigue and strain for staff working long shifts. Our tables come in a range of sizes, shapes and finishes to coordinate with any decor. We understand the unique needs of healthcare facilities and can recommend and supply furniture optimized for every space.

## Conclusion – Hospital Furniture Suppliers

This article has discussed a range of key considerations and options when choosing hospital furniture suppliers. To summarize, the main takeaways include:

– Hospital furniture is highly specialized and requires durability, functionality, hygiene, and a focus on patient needs and safety.

– Types of furniture commonly needed in hospitals include patient beds, stretchers, exam tables, seating, storage, cabinets, and desks. Manufacturers offer many customizable options.

– Essential factors in choosing suppliers are quality, certifications, experience in the healthcare industry, customization, turnaround time, and good customer service.

– Our company, OFİSTİM Mobilya, has over 30 years of expertise supplying top quality, customizable hospital furniture in Turkey. We offer patient beds, stretchers, exam tables, seating, storage solutions and more.

– Key options for patient beds include manual vs electric, bariatric, and feature choices like side rails, adjustable height and positions, and integrated scales.

– We supply high quality seating for waiting rooms, offices, and patient rooms. Our storage solutions optimize space while allowing easy access.

For more information on OFİSTİM Mobilya’s full range of hospital furniture, customization options, and to request a quote, please [contact us]( directly. We are committed to fully meeting each healthcare facility’s specialized furniture needs.