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Dutch School Furniture Manufacturers

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Dutch school furniture manufacturers provide a professional service in the field when it comes to school furniture comfort. The comfort of each child is important for students with different sitting positions and body types. In general, students who use the wrong size furniture often tend to develop back pain and stiff neck, which makes them quite uncomfortable. Pain can also affect performance abilities in the classroom. What Dutch school furniture manufacturers pay attention to?

Today’s classrooms are becoming more lively and engaging. It is important that the school provides furniture suitable for new learning techniques and emphasizes the essence of these new learning styles. Many teachers also take advantage of this convenience because they are looking for comfortable classroom spaces to meet the needs of frequently changing teaching methods. Comfortable classroom furniture will make things easier by making the classroom changeable for both teachers and students. In addition, the room will be able to accommodate several students, regardless of their diverse nature. Comfortable classroom furniture is essential for learning.

School Furniture with support function

School furniture with a support function means ensuring that the environment is conducive to learning while leaving students in a focused and comfortable place. Flexible ergonomic chairs will help support the organic movement of the body and different sitting positions. When choosing new furniture, be sure to consider and keep ergonomic principles in mind. Dutch school furniture manufacturers produce furniture with a support function.

In addition to ergonomic chairs, it is important to consider the school curriculum and ensure that the seating arrangement reflects students’ needs. If it’s an active learning environment, the classroom will need portable chairs that can move quickly and are repurposed to meet students’ needs.

Netherlands School Furniture Manufacturers Professional Solution

Students can sit in any position, and there are many sitting positions, including upright, oblique, upside down and hunched. When students feel uncomfortable, they tend to move out and become less attentive in class. It is the responsibility of teachers and administrations to provide the best learning environment for students.

Furniture may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to maximize success in the classroom, but perhaps it should be. In an article titled “The most painful days of your life,” one author discussed the negative impact on learning by discussing a study showing that inappropriate classroom furniture can cause a lifetime of chronic pain. Dutch school furniture manufacturers provide professional solution for school furniture.

Why Use Dutch Classroom Furniture?

The importance of classroom furniture goes beyond a child’s muscular development. Educators regularly see how the right or wrong furniture can affect focus, time management, collaboration, and classroom participation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the classroom is equipped with ideal furniture solutions.


Dutch School Chair

Teachers are trained to train students with different abilities, using different techniques to convey a message. While educators understand that every student has unique mental needs, the fact that everyone has unique physical needs is sometimes forgotten. Dutch school furniture manufacturers produce school chairs.

We cannot assume that a single chair style will meet the needs of every student. Instead, the classroom will benefit from a variety of seating options. That’s why suppliers offer all kinds of custom classroom seating in addition to the standard classroom chair. From stable inflatable seats to rocking seats and floor cushions to ottomans, there is an option for every child in the class.

Dutch School Desk

When entering a classroom such as nursery or kindergarten, you may find children reading on mats, using the window as an idea board, or collaborating on circular floor cushions. Schools always need student desks. Dutch school furniture manufacturers produce school desks. Desks specially designed for schools also enrich the teacher’s experience.

Why School Furniture Is So Important in Education?

Education is important. It affects our future and has a measurable impact on where we are in life. So what role do furniture and classroom design/layout play in achieving a high quality education and student engagement and motivation?


The first thing you notice when entering a classroom is how it looks and how it is set up. Although it may not seem very important, the design of a classroom is very important for the education of the student. Classroom design affects student behavior and work ethic.

Furniture arrangement in the classroom has a great impact on student behavior. According to Zifferblatt, there is a direct relationship between student behavior and the furniture arrangement in the classroom. He found that the most effective arrangement was clusters of desks with two to three desks, a teacher’s desk in one corner, and a clear separation of different areas in the classroom. Sets of desks worked well because they gave students a chance to interact with each other so they could stay on task and pay attention to the teacher. The fact that the teacher’s desk was in the corner was effective because he could not give instructions from the teacher’s desk. The teacher moved around the classroom a lot, making sure that her full attention was on the students. Just as students must be free from distractions in order to give their full attention to the teacher, the teacher must give their full attention to the students without being distracted by other tasks.

Dutch School Furniture Manufacturers Comfortable School Furniture

Make sure seating and desks are comfortable and ideally height adjustable, and students are encouraged to move around regularly. Uncomfortable furniture goes beyond a child’s muscle development. Teachers routinely see how furniture can affect focus, time management, collaboration, and engagement. Uncomfortable furniture goes beyond a child’s muscle development. Teachers routinely see how the right furniture can affect focus, time management, collaboration, and engagement. Uncomfortable furniture goes beyond a child’s muscle development. Teachers routinely see how the right furniture can affect focus, time management, collaboration, and engagement. Dutch school furniture manufacturers produce comfortable school furniture.

Another idea to consider when thinking about furniture arrangement is the lesson of the day. If the teacher has a more discussion-oriented lesson, arranging the tables in a circle will be very helpful. The circle arrangement helps encourage verbal input from students about the task. This arrangement creates a more open environment where students feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas with their peers. It also creates a more focused environment because students know they are expected to participate and want to comment on the task. Separating different areas in the classroom is important because it makes it difficult for students to be distracted from doing the task at hand. For example, if students are sitting at their desks listening to a math lesson and all the toys are close to the desks in their spare time, the students will want to play with the toys rather than listen to the teacher. If there is an obstacle such as a library that will act as a wall between these areas, students will focus more on the lesson being taught.

Reliable Brand Among Dutch School Furniture Manufacturers

Although student learning is the first priority in the classroom, we have not forgotten the investment made. When choosing the right furniture for your school, we should also prioritize value. Furniture quality affects student safety and product durability.

At Ofistim we are passionate about creating balanced interiors for schools in the Netherlands. We are not affiliated with any particular brand, so we can work with you to find the perfect solution for your classrooms. If you would like to discuss the vision and possibilities of your project with an Ofistim furniture consultant and contact the Dutch school furniture manufacturers, contact us now.