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Bulgarian Hotel Furniture Manufacturers

Bulgaristan Otel Mobilya Üreticileri

Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers have been providing high quality services for many years in Bulgaria, which has a population of approximately 7.5 million. As everyone knows, it provides services on furniture used in many other fields, from chairs and seating furniture in the furniture sector.

When we look at the furniture sector, which also includes the hotel furniture sector, it is seen that the furniture is produced by different companies in Bulgaria. In addition, according to the information obtained as a result of the researches, it is seen that the hotel furniture sector in Bulgaria, or in a more general expression, the furniture sector, is quite traditional.

Bulgaristan Otel Mobilya Üreticileri

General Characteristics of the Bulgarian Hotel Furniture Manufacturers Sector

It is seen that various crises are on the agenda in the globalizing world day by day. Considering the aforementioned global crises affecting many different sectors, it is seen that the Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers sector is the sector least affected by the said crisis. Moreover, as it is understood from here, the Bulgarian furniture sector actually serves with a highly developed infrastructure.

However, it is known that Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers, where mass productions can be provided, also make individual productions. It is stated that the furniture, which is completely prepared according to the customer’s own request, is produced in a very professional way.

What are the Examples of Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in Bulgaria?

As mentioned above, furniture production is known as a very traditional sector in Bulgaria. Therefore, as it can be understood from here, many examples of local manufacturers can be given to Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers.

In the light of the information obtained as a result of the research, it is seen that a total of 2100 companies work in the furniture sector in Bulgaria. In addition, it is seen that the hotel furniture sector companies are located in different regions.

In Which Regions Do Bulgarian Hotel Furniture Manufacturers Serve?

In addition, it is seen that the Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers, which serve in different regions in Bulgaria, are generally very active in Sofia and Plovdiv, as well as in Varna, Pazarcik and Blagoevgrad regions. At the same time, the existence of various SMEs among the companies providing services in the said furniture production draws attention.

Therefore, the fact that SMEs are heavily involved in the furniture sector within the country of Bulgaria makes the aforementioned country very similar to other European cities. However, when we look at how many of the Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers provide services as SMEs, it is seen that this number is approximately 99 percent, while 70 percent of them serve as a small business.

What Do Hotel Furniture Manufacturers Do?


Another very important sector in the furniture sector is the hotel furniture sector. In addition, what the hotel furniture manufacturers in the hotel furniture sector do is also known as another research topic.

According to the information mentioned above, it is known that all hotel furniture manufacturers, including Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers, produce hotel furniture prepared with various concepts. Tables, chairs, cabinets and similar products can be given as examples of these furniture used in the hotel. In general, the work of hotel furniture manufacturers can be summarized in this way.

How Hotel Furniture Manufacturers Work

When we look at how hotel furniture manufacturers work, the most important condition for these manufacturers is that the comfort provided by the customers in their hotels is at the forefront. In addition, the same condition is at the forefront for Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers. Therefore, a certain design and decoration plan is made before the hotel furniture is produced. However, before the hotel furniture is produced, a certain plan should be taken as a basis and furniture production should be carried out within the said plan.

It is seen that hotel furniture manufacturers, whose most important purpose is decoration and design, are also working on a certain concept. It is known that the draft, which is called a plan, is also a form of design. It is known that hotel furniture, which is generally planned in line with the wishes and personal tastes of the customers, is also prepared in accordance with certain concepts, as mentioned above. Examples of concepts include decoration styles that reflect a certain period or concept furniture with the desired style.

How to Make Designs for Hotel Furniture?

When the subject of designs for hotel furniture is mentioned, it is seen that the designs in question dominate the progress in parallel with the desired decoration. In other words, the most basic element of the orders received by the hotel furniture manufacturers from their customers can be summarized as the desired decoration style.

Therefore, it can be said that the same issue is taken as a basis for Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers. As it can be understood from here, it is stated that the designs for hotel furniture actually operate according to the decoration style that is desired to be dominated in the hotel. In addition, it is known that if the customers want a special concept, the furniture designs can be prepared according to the specified and desired concepts.

In fact, it is seen that the designs of the ı are basically gathered in two main groups. According to the information obtained as a result of the research, it is known that hotel furniture designs are designed in a classical or luxurious style. It is stated that various designs are made in line with the minimalist requests of the customers.

What are the Furniture Used in the Hotel?

Considering the subject of hotel furniture manufacturers, it is seen that various researches have been carried out on the subject of which furniture used in hotels. Accordingly, it is known that hotel furniture can be listed as follows;

mirror table,
Headboards and similar products.

Basically, most of the furniture used in any hotel is seen as above. In addition, it is seen that hotel furniture manufacturers produce and serve in line with the specified orders for the furniture in question, which can be produced in single or multiple productions in line with the special requests of the customers.

At the same time, it is seen that hotel furniture, which is known to be prepared according to different concepts or different decoration and design styles, is produced in the same way by Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers. For this reason, the customer who wants to produce a hotel furniture must first decide on the desired design or decoration and concept form. According to the decisions made, the production of hotel furniture is made ready within the specified time and delivered to the customer.

Some Information About Hotel Furniture

The important situation in the production of hotel furniture, which is completely served in line with customer requests, is that there is a certain concept as well as a certain plan, as mentioned above. The fact that these two conditions, which are also mentioned, are fully and clearly determined, also facilitates the design processes of hotel furniture.

It is seen that the wooden furniture used in the hotel can be produced using a wide variety of materials, whether small or large, or obtained by using oak, cherry or linden, beech trees. It is known that Ofistim, which is among the Bulgarian hotel furniture manufacturers, also produces hotel furniture with various design plans or various concepts. The said Ofistim brand emerges as a preferred brand in the hotel furniture sector.