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Archive Cabinet

Archive Cabinet

        The archive cabinet is used in many areas from government offices to hospitals, libraries to factories. Therefore; the selection of the archive cabinet, which has a very wide usage area, is very important. There are many factors to consider when selecting other archive related equipment and storage system. People should make the most appropriate choice for the space they will use among many archive cabinets with different features.

Today; it is possible to find a traditional, industrial, mobile or drawer archive cabinet for various purposes of use. The most suitable and useful cabinet for large and bulky products is standard industrial cabinets. However, it is also possible to choose archive and storage cabinets with drawers for a better protection option. The cabinet of this nature is more useful in terms of ergonomics and safety. Archive cabinets with drawers are much more attractive in terms of aesthetically speaking, besides facilitating inventory management.

Things to Consider in Archive Cabinet Selection;

        Not every cabinet is produced with the same features. Therefore, according to the nature of the material to be archived, the properties of the archive cabinet should be considered. For example, the cabinet to be selected for file archiving should be different from the storage system to be selected to hold industrial materials. In wardrobe selection, direct and convenient access to the products to be kept is also important. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a cabinet suitable for the quality of the products to be archived.

That is, if the product to be archived needs to be kept secret and locked, a closed cabinet with direct access power-lockable feature should be selected. However, since the product to be kept in the it is to be repurposed frequently, an archive cabinet that is directly and easily accessible should be preferred. Another type of cabinet that can be preferred is movable-rail storage cabinets. Nowadays, movable archive cabinets are widely preferred because they can be moved by means of rail systems. Movable archive cabinets do not have to be fixed and stopped in a certain place. People can move the archive cabinet to a different place thanks to the rail system as they wish.