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BARON Cabinet Assembly Diagram – I

BARON Cabinet Assembly Diagram – II

BARON ETAJER Assembly Diagram

BARON Table Assembly Diagram

BARON Coffee Table Assembly Diagram


 3D MAX 

MODEL KOD Description Measure
BRM-240110 BARON Table 66 mm Top Table And Legs Decorative Quilted Stitched Leather L: 240
W: 110
H: 75
BRE-10050 BARON Shelf 66 mm Top Table and Legs L: 100
W: 50
H: 75
BKMD-50040 KOMODİN Movable Telescopic Rail Three Drawers With Central Lock L: 40
W: 47
H: 58
BRS-10065 BARON Coffee Table 66 mm Top and Legs with Magazine Holder L: 100
W: 65
H: 45
BRD-240127 BARON Dolap 66 mm Üst Tabla Ve Yanlar Dekoratif Kapitone Dikişili Derili L: 240
W: 40
H: 27


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