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BEGIKAD Interview


First of all, can we get to know you?

Tuncay Kaya. I am the founder and General Manager of Ofistim Furniture Design firm. I was born in 1983 in Niğde.

Can we get information about your company and the work you do?

I have had many years of experience in office furniture, starting from sales to management. I was dreaming of using these experiences by establishing my own company. With my childhood friend Seyfullah Kara, we said “it’s time” one day and we established Ofistim Furniture Design company. As two partners, we built our company considering the expectations of the industry. I think our commercial experience and honesty have been effective in making our company one of the leading and reliable companies in the sector in a short time. We have accomplished very good projects in a short time. In this process, our biggest supporters were our families and friends who trusted us.

What excites you about your work?

It is very important for us to evaluate the customer’s demand correctly and to present the design in accordance with the demand with maximum quality and reasonable price to the customer on time. An office bearing the signature of Office must be able to reveal its difference with its noticeable quality at first sight. When we look back, we have to make sure we are doing a good job, we must be comfortable knowing that we are doing the right thing. Each project we complete is a reference for new projects. For this reason, we act diligently and meticulously in all processes for each of our projects. All this is directly reflected in customer satisfaction. Our company’s motto was “Let’s Dream Together” from the very beginning. We love to dream with our client and make this dream come true together.

Can we learn your meeting story with BEGIKAD?

I have been a strong Beşiktaş fan since my childhood. One day my friend invited me to a ball. I met the BEGIKAD President and managers at the ball I went to. BEGIKAD is such a warm-blooded and beautiful family that drew me into this warm environment.

Being a member of BEGIKAD?

It is really a great privilege to be a member of BEGIKAD. One feels safe in a huge family. From here, I send my hugs to the BEGIKAD family.

What does being Beşiktaş and Beşiktaş mean to you?

The feeling that makes you feel indescribable happiness in the middle of your heart when you see black and white colors at work, in the car, at home, when you walk or whenever you see the colors. Being a supporter like a fan, being one with colors, history and future. Embrace the virtues of justice and honesty from the heart, and the magnificent love that puts these virtues in your character at your very young age.

We know that for us, life is Beşiktaş and Beşiktaş is life.

Can we learn how you fell in love with Beşiktaş?

We are sure that everyone has a special moment …

At an early age, everyone has a role model in their life.

When I was five or six years old, I was taking my uncle as an example, who is 6 years older than me. He was also a strong Beşiktaş supporter. Here, my love for Beşiktaş started with my uncle and it grew day by day. Finally, it grew even more with BEGIKAD. I express my love and greetings to all Beşiktaş fans and the BEGİKAD family.

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